Botanico at The Garage.

Rob + Heidi’s wedding with adorable dog ring bearer.


Fullerton Hotel.

Starry starry night at the fullerton.


S.E.A Aquarium, Resort World Sentosa.

The Wedding of Eric + Veronica.


Goodwood Park Hotel and Solemnization at The Summerhouse.

The Wedding of Edward + Sonia.

A Korean Affair.

Light rain was falling just minute before the solemnization…  Heaven set a tone for a joyful wedding day by clearing the sky and stopping the rain….. u guys up there are simply awesome. 

Combination of Black&White film photography with color on digital. P.S. film was digitally scanned for convenience. Photos by


A Perfect Day.

Chris + Celeste Pre Wedding Photos. All you need is a combination of good imagination, dreams and style… it will be a wonderful end to a perfect day out.